Tuesday, 31 March 2015

My horse story by Naia

                                                                                  MY HORSE

One day I played  football with my friends of Bernedo. Then  I  went to the forest and found a horse stuck in a fence and  I helped it. Then the horse and I went to my farm to go to the hospital with the horse. Then I looked at the horse and went to the farm and I put the saddle to go for a ride with the horse. Then my dad said that the horse was for me and I was very happy. Finally the horse and I were very happy.

the zombies story by Eneritz

                                                    THE ZOMBIES

One day the zombies lived in the top of the mountain, they asked where the hut was. A person explained to them where the hut was . The zombies took the siuitcases, and they ate all the people. Then a hunter came, and killed all the zombies. Finally, the hunter put the zombies in to the coffin, and buried the zombies


Gustavo and the robber

Gustavo and the robber

One day Gustavo played footbal ,Gustavo forgot the boll ,he lived in Peru. His house was closed , but he found a ball in the street ,Gustavo said who the robber ,Gustavo took the ball and the police put a camera to find the the robber . And the police helped a Gustavo , Gustavo make a trap to find the robber . Finaly the camera had the robber's face and found the robber

PERU AND the BALL by:Aimar

One day Peru went to play football with Pello, Peru forgot the ball. Then Peru lived very far and in his house Peru had the ball. Then Peru had one idea, to make a ball. Peru couldn't make the ball and put the material on the table. Peru closed the backpack with the materials. Then he found one ball and Peru said that he found the ball. Pello helped Peru and Peru took the ball and played with Pello.

Friday, 27 March 2015



One day Roberto played football with Guillermo.Roberto forgot where to play football and Guillermo helped Roberto. 

Then Roberto invited Guilermo to live in his house and Guillermo said yes.Next, in Roberto's house, Roberto and Guillermo made a clock, then they took the clock and put it in the wall and finally Roberto closed his house and then Roberto had a ps3 in his house but with one stick and Roberto found two sticks and played ps3 with Guillermo.